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A Scientific Approach to Forensic Science

Unfortunately, real life is not like the popular TV show CSI. In this and other police procedurals, forensic work is depicted as an exact science that has universally agreed upon standards. Far too often, however, this is simply not the case. Many times, it is the detective who tells the forensic technicians who the suspect is, and then ask those technicians to assemble forensic data “supporting” that pre-established conclusion.

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We Need More D.A.s Like This

Another win for the Conviction Review Unit in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office. Overzealous prosecutors who care more about defending the system than keeping innocent people out of prison should take careful note of this D.A.’s words, because the way that you preserve the integrity of the system is by convicting the actual perpetrator and exonerating the wrongfully convicted.


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Confessions in China

Recently, the news outlets reported that the Chinese government has revived a Mao-era practice of public confessions called “jiantao”. For purely political reasons, the Chinese government forces individuals to go on television and confess to ‘crimes’ that the State claims have undermined its authority.

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