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Regulating Forensic Courtroom Testimony

It is an encouraging sign that the Department of Justice is finally starting to grasp the importance of sound science in the courtroom. On June 3rd, the department released its first set of rules regarding courtroom testimony that pertains to forensic science – particularly its reliability and the conclusions that can be drawn from it.

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) Behind Sentencing

The botched sentencing of convicted rapist Brock Allen Turner proves just how unscientific and capricious the justice system is. Mr. Turner, a 20-year old Stanford University student who was also a star swimmer, received a six-month jail sentence after being found guilty of sexual-assault-a laughable short sentence considering the nature of the crime. The sentence has provoked a public backlash against the sentencing judge – Judge Aaron Persky of Santa Clara County Superior Court.

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