Justice IQ: Our Reason for Being

To be sure, prosecutors are a vital component in any democratic government with a developed rule of law. The entire law enforcement apparatus, combined with the various branches of the armed forces, represent the immune system of every nation, and ours is no different. The divisions of the military are responsible for keeping out foreign invaders while the criminal justice system is responsible for eradicating malicious activity within the country’s indigenous population – the same way that lymphocytes and immunoglobulins eliminate cancerous cells that have spawned from endogenous tissue. Obviously, no organism as complex as a human being can live long without an immune system and no democracy can survive without talented government lawyers who use the law to imprison dangerous criminals.

But just as an overly aggressive and unregulated immune system can end up damaging healthy organs and lead to autoimmune disorders, unscrupulous and overzealous prosecutors can cause a lot of pain for a lot of good citizens.

Justice IQ has absolutely no interest in antagonizing the custodians of the criminal justice system, nor in shaming individual prosecutors. Our goal is to identify how and when the system breaks down and destroys the lives of innocent men and women as well as their families. In fact, the reason why we are so vigorous in our efforts to bring awareness to the many wrongful convictions that occur in this country is precisely because we know that there exist capable and honest lawyers who can make the system better. Diagnosing a disease is the first step to synthesizing a cure.

We also believe that, as one of the most developed democracies in history, the United Stated has an obligation to create the most equitable and impartial legal system possible so that we may pass it along to other more nascent democracies. Just as the U.S. dollar remains the world’s number-one reserve currency because of its stability, the U.S. method of jurisprudence must be the world’s number-one reserve legal system because of its incorruptibility and its dependence on reliable evidence. Thus, every single decision made in our courts will influence governments the world over.

We can no longer accept a criminal justice system that gets it mostly right. We must aim for perfection. And it all begins with acknowledging that the adjudication process is severely flawed and that there are thousands (possibly tens-of-thousands) of innocent men and women trapped in our nation’s prisons and jails.

Setting these people free and preventing future wrongful convictions must be our first priority.

– Justice IQ



Sherene G.

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