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In the Closed Room

Would you confess to a crime you did not commit?

‘In the Closed Room’ is a documentary on the vital subject of false confessions.

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Coerced Confessions and the War of the Ideologies

The rivalry between the United States and China is not just a competition for economic or military supremacy, much more importantly it is a battle over ideas. The most significant of these ideas involves the question of how society ought to be fundamentally structured and to what extent the state can constrict a citizen’s liberty. It is a contest between two diametrically opposed ways of living.

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Paid Liars: Getting the “Snitch” Epidemic Under Control

No-one should be under the illusion that the average jailhouse snitch is a “noble whistleblower”, only interested in seeing that justice is properly served. There is now a mountain of evidence that many informants lie under oath. In some cases, the motivation may be money, in many more it is the reduction of prison time or other favors; false testimony is often a last resort by a desperate inmate.

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The Problem of False and Coerced Confessions: Why Many “Open and Shut” Cases Ain’t Necessarily So

As incredible as it sounds, studies of wrongful convictions reveal that in more than 25% of the cases a false confession or other self-incriminating statement was used as evidence by the prosecution. Why would an innocent person ever confess to a heinous crime that they did not commit?  – Part 2 of a series on The Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions.

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